Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Their are many types of life insurance to fit individual needs and circumstance. Please enter your info below for a quote:

    * Cheapest most common option
    * Rate guaranteed for only the specified term
    * At the end of the term the policy is over and no cash value exists
    * Most policies are convertible to permanent policies without underwriting
    * A return of Premium option is available where you get all of the premium     you paid returned to you at the end of the term.

    Permanent/Whole Life
    * Generally 5 to 10 times more expensive then term insurance
    * Builds cash value
    * Can borrow against the policy
    * Policy stays in force as long as premiums are paid or cash value exists.
    * Living Benefits – Chronic Illness/Accelerated Benefit Riders

    A few things go into rating: age, health, height/weight and tobacco use.
    Please find life insurance rating below from best worst

    Super Preferred
    Tobacco (non-cigarette, i.e. chewing tobacco)
    Preferred Best Preferred Smoker
    Preferred Standard Plus Smoker
    Standard Plus Standard Smoker
    Standard Rated
    Rated (1 – 16)